Friday, September 4, 2009

Back To Study?

Back to study after the summer holidays? Sat in my office in Northamptonshire in the Midlands I read many studies on Hypnosis,Hypnotherapy, Hypnotic techniques and trance states of hypnosis.
Have you experienced the moment when you have read something and then thought "what on earth have I just read"? This sometimes is the minds way of escaping from physical or mental overload resulting from intense mental concentration over too long a period of time, when this happens its possible to experience a hypnotic trance. Its commonly known that we experience trance as an everyday experience like when you are driving and arriving somewhere without knowing how you got there, or putting your keys down at not being able to find them only for someone to find them "right under your nose" where they have been all the time.
Its important to have a strategy for success and to eliminate unproductive study time. Research has proven that after 40 or 50 minutes our minds begin to wander our concentration begins to wane and we find it difficult to retain information.This has nothing to do with intelligence but is the minds way of signaling take a break , to do something different. A good tactic would be to build in a rest or something different every 40-50 minutes to maintain concentration and aid integration of information .A great way of doing this would be take a short walk or go and have a cup of tea or if your feeling particularly energetic a light stretching session.Use the alarm function on your mobile phone to divide your study time up into manageable chunks.
Not enough attention is paid to diet when studying, its important to maintain a steady blood sugar level by eating sensibly, and maybe having a bowl of fresh fruit on hand to snack on, as an alternative to crisps, chocolates and sweets. This will help prevent hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia which is to little or to much sugar in the blood stream and also making sure that by drinking enough fluid dehydration is avoided another obstacle to effective study.
Some may find it helpful with their studys to book one or two sessions on focus and motivation to really sharpen up their study skills or pehaps look at coaching over a longer period of time to really "add the edge" especially when studying. Hypnosis NLP and timeline therapy are really useful tools to helping with a postive outcome around study. At our therapy room in Northamptonshire in the Midlands we are able to help many focus and relieve the stress of study using hypnosis, hypnotherpay, hypnotic, and hypnotherpuetic techniques and suggestion.

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