Monday, September 14, 2009

Heart Attacks Plummet after Smoking Ban

Sat in my office in Northamptonshire in the midlands where we practice as Hypnotherapists I am reflecting on a conversation with a client who has recently stopped smoking having had a hypnotic intervention.A recent article in the Times newspaper ( reported a larger and sharper fall in the incident of heart attacks since the smoking ban was introduced in England in 2007. Causing rates of heart attacks to fall by about 10%, the percentage gain is even higher in Scotland which introduced the ban a year earlier. There, rates of heart attack have fallen by about 14%. According to the Times this is one of the most significant gains to public health that Britain has ever seen! Although less is known of cigarette smokes ability to to trigger heart heart attacks than its role in lung cancer its contribution to its effects are beginning to be better understood, Ellen Mason a senior cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation said "Exposure to cigarette smoke induces rapid changes in blood chemistry ,making it prone to clotting.In someone who has narrowed or damaged coronary arteries, smoke exposure can cause a heart attack."
At Sahasrara consultancy in Northamptonshire in the Midlands we have had great success helping individuals overcome their cigarette habit using Hypnosis Hypnotherapy, and Hypnotherpeutic techniques without our clients feeling that they are giving anything up, only gaining a healthier and wealthier future!

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