Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 a new decade for change & setting new goals

How do you feel as we come to the end of yet another decade in the 21st century?
Have you achieved what you set out to do, are you where & who you want to be?

A New Year for me is always a time for reflection, to look back on my successes & analyse what I have not quite achieved . . . yet . . . & then look forwards to the year of possiblities ahead.

There is a saying in NLP which is "There is no Failure . . . only Feedback!"

Just imagine what it would be like to apply that focus to everything we do in life, how we could just step back & look at what we could learn from a situation . . . which by learning it means we could see the opportunities & endless possibilities to create positive change towards achieving our goals.
So what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail . . . ?

When you think about your year ahead & the direction you'd like it to take . . . what if you had no plans? You would have no direction!
We all need a balance with goals, ones that support us in all areas of life ~ personal development; work & career; relationships & family; Health & Fitness. After all it's no good being successful in Business if you work all hours under the sun & have poor health & relationships.
At Sahasrara we specialise in helping you actualise your goals, check they are in balance & help you break through any limiting beliefs that may have stopped you before in the past. Hypnotherapy, NLP & TimeLine Therapy can help you create & maintain the changes you seek.
So whether your goals are around health & fitness ~ stopping smoking or losing weight; work ~ a new career or promotion; relationships & family ~ finding love & happiness; then start 2010 as you mean to go on.
It's all about taking action . . . we can talk about doing things for years . . . but actually achieving successes is all in the doing, the action.
So what would you like to take control of & change?


  1. 31/12/09

    I've recently had a treatment, around these very issues of working to change and take control of the direction my life is going in. I can honestly say that the session was incredibly professional and insightful, uncovering and releasing blocks swiftly and with ease. I now feel that things are shifting for the better, and am looking forward to doing some more work to make things even better! Thanks Lori and Edd !

  2. Thank you for your feedback, I know that sometimes acknowledging that you need to make changes in your life can sometimes seem quite daunting, but just by putting yourself in control & taking the right steps towards making those changes happen is extremely enlightening. What a wonderful way to start your year by looking forwards to all the differences you can make in your life! Best wishes on your journey, Lori