Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is Weight Loss all in the Mind???

So, what do you actually think . . . is Weight Loss all in the Mind?

Recently, there has been much added excitement around the benefits of hypnosis for aiding and supporting weight loss.
We read all about Paul McKenna promising “I can make you thin!” and our latest celebrity Hypnotherapist Susan Hepburn has recently hit the headlines in National papers for her Hypnodiet podcast and her weight loss successes amongst the celebrity world of Lily Allen and the Duchess of York.

So what does that mean to people on the street?

Can everyone afford the Harley Street prices of £270 plus per hour to enjoy the benefits of slimming through Hypnosis?

Generally and especially this time of the year, after the Christmas bills have come in, the answer maybe to just buy the book and listen to the CD or podcast. However, often the self-motivation starts to wane and things get put to the back of the shelf.

So how does hypnosis work for weight loss?

Well our minds are very powerful tools to create new behaviours and change.
If you think “I am fat!” then guess what, your body will help you prove it and weight will always be an on-going battle.

What you focus on you attract.

So changing your thoughts to support you in your weight loss goals helps you to achieve these much more easily. If you can imagine yourself in the future looking slimmer, feeling fitter and happier, then your unconscious mind has a positive direction for you to go in.

Do you believe this will work for you?

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