Tuesday, March 23, 2010

National No Smoking Day 2010

National no smoking day 2010 has come and gone once again. Lots of help is available for those smokers out there who are thinking about change and wishing to lead a healthier and wealthier lifestyle by choosing not to smoke.
Contact your local GP or pharmacist to see what is on offer from help groups to nicotine patches. As an alternative why not book an appointment on our change your smoking habit programme , its chemical free, its wonderfully relaxing, and fully supports your lifestyle change. You could seriously affect your health and wealth why wait until national no smoking day day 2011 make a positive change now !!! A 20 a day habit can cost £42.00 per week;in real terms a smoker has to earn £61.00 per week before tax to be able to afford a 20 a day habit or a staggering £3726 per year!

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