Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mindful Meditation morning on radio 4 there was an interesting discussion on mindful meditation.

So what does mindfulness mean to me?
It is about being present; being in the moment; aware of self and immediate environment; doing things slowly and carefully (mindfully) . . . .  so when you link that with meditation, to me it is a more active meditation than classic forms of traditional meditation, almost as if you try to live your life in a mindful meditative way of being present in all that you do.

Thich Nhat Hanh, author of "The Miracle of Mindfulness" is a world known revered master of Meditation & Mindfulness. He has a retreat community centre called "Plum Village" in SouthWest France where monks, nuns, laymen & laywomen practise mindful living. 

Traditional meditation is a pure focus on one point, a withdrawal of the senses, a connection of oneness.
In my yoga classes I encourage a mindfulness of practise in the Asana's (postures), which is very meditative in itself, yet being fully present and aware of the physical, mental and emotional body.

To me, all paths to meditation and 'being mindful' help us to become more peaceful, more at one with ourselves and the world around us.

Peace always begins within!

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