Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reiki Natural Healing Weekend!/events/

Reiki is a Japanese natural form of energy healing and a most amazing treatment to experience.
During a Reiki treatment you might experience all or some of the following ~
  • Heat or warmth in a particular area 
  • Colours coming and going (whilst your eyes are closed)
  • Tingling sensations flowing through you
  • Energy twitches of arms or legs as energy blocks clear
  • Deep relaxation and sense of inner peace
  • Body feeling heavy & totally relaxed
  • Feeling of floating sensations or levatation
Your body will naturally draw on what is right for you, whether physically, mentally or emotionally.
A wonderful way to ease tension, stress and let the body un-wind in it's own natural way as your energy flow re-aligns along your meridian lines.

So try it for yourself sometime . . . it was life changing for me!
12 years on I still find it fascinating through working with clients and teaching the natural Usui Reiki method of healing to others.

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