Monday, June 11, 2012

Do you take the Weather with you???

How does the weather affect you?

Are you happy come what may ~ whether we are having sunny days, windy days, wet days, cold frosty days . . . or do you change with the weather and match it's vibration?

We are all so different in our likes and dislikes ~ yet so many people find their moods change with the weather ~ and sometimes not for the better.

Just see if you can take that step back, come rain or shine and find something really positive about what it brings ~ just because others are feeling hot, cold, happy, fed-up, down ~ doesn't mean you have to follow suit.
There is always a positive benefit that comes with every ray of sun and every drop of rain ~ so see whether you can find "that silver lining" in all weather . . . and spread that energy around!

Just enjoy everyday for what it is!

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