Friday, August 17, 2012

Chuckle muscles!

Peter Kay Channel 4 Thursday 16th of August  

I watched Peter Kay last night on the TV and thoroughly enjoyed two hours of watching  Edd my husband literally “cry laughing”, I have to confess that being a native of Ashford, Middlesex, I do not necessarily understand “Northern humour” although married to a northerner (Edd does attempt to educate me from time to time on the finer points of Northern humour). I do however understand the beneficial effects of a really good laugh and the change in mood that this can bring about.  
Lots of studies have shown how laughter can help reduce stress and generally help to improve your life, here are just a few examples: ~

·      Laughter helps you to relax and reduce muscle tension which can make you calmer and give a sense of overall wellbeing. 
·      Laughter helps to boost your immune system, infection fighting antibodies are released and your stress levels can decrease.
·      Laughter can help to reduce chronic pain, some medical studies have shown it can have a beneficial effect of up to 2 hours.
·      Laughter improves overall levels of creativity, a good laugh puts challenges into perspective and can lead to more creative problem solving.

The benefits of a good laugh are many, bringing a greater sense of wellbeing, an improved outlook on life, both physically and mentally.
It is actually very easy to trick the brain into releasing the beneficial chemicals that we all produce naturally for a really great “feel good fix” (you may want to make sure no one is around unless that is you want them to have a really good laugh at your expense)
Here goes . . . First of all you need to find a mirror, any mirror will do, (if you do use your mirror in the car I would advise that you are stationary first).
Calibrate your mood on a scale of 1-10 on how good you feel, 1 perhaps being not too good and 10 being absolutely marvellous.   
Looking into the mirror give yourself the biggest cheesy grin ever, bigger than the Cheshire cat, as if you can literally create a smile which smiles from ear to ear showing all of your teeth, grit your teeth and say yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, really quickly 4 or 5 times.
Then re calibrate how you feel, I will guarantee that you will have improved your mood, repeat as necessary.                      

Smiling is good fun . . . smile loads today!        

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