Thursday, August 16, 2012

Well the Olympics Are over . . . .

Well the Olympics are over, the memories of super Saturday are just about beginning to fade and my voice has just about recovered from hollering at the TV set as Mo Farrah successfully gained the 10,000 metres Gold medal and then did the double with the 5 thousand meters a week later amazing.
The media are now back to reporting the “usual” days events having spent the last few weeks trying to  out compete  each other for superlatives to describe the magnificent feats of team GB.
Well there have been some very interesting articles in the media in particular one which caught my attention in the Times Opinion written by Matt Parker director of marginal gains for the GB cycling team on the 28th of July entitled

“Sweaty shorts can be the key to sporting glory”

(Not the most attractive of titles if like me you have a highly visual imagination)   however in essence the article goes on to describe 

“Pay attention to the tiny details and they can add up to big breakthroughs that can make sport so compelling”.

The theory being that a big break though in sporting improvement only happens rarely, on the other hand by paying attention to and identifying the many small percentage gains that can be made in a number of areas they combine overall to give an even bigger gain. A nice theory which has at the end of the games been backed up in practice by the GB cycling team having the most successful Olympics ever!    
 Thinking about the mechanics of this, is this not true of our clients? I am sure many of us can relate to this when working with clients in therapy?
The big breakthroughs are often infrequent however by identifying the many parts that contribute to the overall issue / problem this can frequently lead to a lasting and effective intervention and a gold medal solution.  

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