Thursday, September 27, 2012

Take a Moment to Clear your Head

The majority of people spend their lives rushing from A to B knowing they still need to do C & yet D E and F are also somewhere in the back of their minds pending attention whenever it appears. . . so just forget about the rest of the alphabet as it just won't happen!
We might be thinking of our shopping list whilst going round the supermarket and somehow our minds get drawn off to other places, people, thoughts which draw our attention away from what we are doing . . . like those times when you've thought you've got all the shopping that you went for, only to find that once you've got back home the very thing you needed you forgot!

We have so much "stuff" going on in our heads, you wonder why it doesn't explode somehow. No wonder stress is a common phrase that gets repeated time and time again. When we're overly busy we're "stressed" and for some even being under-busy with nothing to fill their lives they feel "stressed' simply by the fact that they should be as busy as everyone else!

Our thoughts that we hold and carry around with us can start to build up into a cluttered space . . . where we can't even think clearly or focus on one thing at a time . . . to actually finish some of the "To Do List Jobs" so we can clear those thoughts and leave space for the next one to arise.

Just like when we clutter clear our homes or work desk . . . that feeling of creating space . . . a sense of relief that you have room to think or even dare I say relax. . . it helps to take the pressure off . . . we feel healthier in a less cluttered space. Not just physically but mentally too.

So if you think about it the clutter in our minds and thoughts is mental clutter, just like physical clutter around us. So to sort out the mind stuff, to clutter clear what you no longer need or find useful, to move on from the past and let things go . . . will give you more clarity of mind, clarity of who and how you want to be . . . creating an inner healthier space to live with = less stress!

There are many ways to clear our minds of clutter:~
  • Practising Meditation
  • Practising Mindfulness to be present with what you are doing
  • Hypnotherapy to help shift patterns/habits of unhelpful thoughts
  • Writing things down and prioritising importance
  • Delegate some of the "jobs" to others
  • Take action and start to change things
  • Set clear realistic goals to work towards
  • Sing, smile and feel lighter in your mind
  • Talk to someone
The old saying goes "A problem shared is a problem halved" ~ so talking to someone often helps take the weight off your mind and can help you work out ways of resolving problems and work towards the solutions. I highly recommend that you clear your clutter . . . you might even surprise yourself to experience moments of peace of mind . . . just imagine how lovely that would be? . . .

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