Friday, October 12, 2012

Do you feel you are Valued?

So, what do you really think . . . do you feel valued or not?

What exactly is 'Being Valued' . . . is it something external about others . . . or internal about ourselves?
We often look towards others when we consider being valued . . . however what if it's nothing to do with anyone else's opinion, thoughts or belief's and actually all about US and our self-opinion's, thoughts and self beliefs.

If you don't value yourself then why or even how should others value you either?
Everything ultimately has to start within. . .
  • The more you respect yourself . . . the more others do too
  • The more you believe in yourself . . . the more others do too
  • The more you like yourself . . . the more others like you too
  • The more you appreciate yourself . . . the more others appreciate you too
  • So . . . the more you value yourself . . . then the more others will value you too!
So next time you feel anything less than being valued, take a good look at yourself, your behaviour, your beliefs and search for all the positives that ARE there. . . notice all of your special qualities . . . and start to value yourself . . . it's all those little things that add up to making a bigger difference.

Recommended positive affirmation of the day . . .

"I value and believe in myself"   


  1. My dad always says know what you are worth
    great advice