Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat . . . it's Halloween!!!

Halloween Jack-o-lantern
As you walk through the crispy rustle of Autumn leaves, that sharp breeze goes through you . . . maybe you can even sense there's someone behind you . . . and when you turn around there's no-one really there . . . or is there!!! The tiny hairs on the back of your neck begin to stand up . . . sending a shiver down your spine . . . you start to walk faster . . . your heart beating like mad . . . your imagination soars . . . you must get back home . . . forgetting yourself you start running . . . you ask yourself "Why is it I get spooked like this?" . . . the answers all lie within.

So, what is it about Halloween that makes it okay for us to scare the life out of each other . . . or even worse out of little children.
Why is that type of FEAR acceptable and okay, when other fears are not?
Why would you even want to put yourself through yet another viewing of Nightmare on Elm Street or Halloween?
Do they still give you nightmares now?
For some people the scarier the movie the better!

For me, I quite like my heart beating naturally, just as it should be . . . maybe because I can jump at the slightest thing . . . my best example of that is watching Jaws the movie (any of them) ~ my rational logical adult mind knows that it is a plastic/rubber shark and that when the spooky music comes on it builds up the anticipation that Jaws is about to appear ~ never-the-less I could still jump out of my skin every single time! So I made a decision, because I like my heart and mind to feel more peaceful that I have no need or desire to watch spooky/scary/jumpy things anymore (where at all possible). Am I hiding away from my fears or am I understanding that there is enough 'real' life fears in the world that I don't need to create any more than needed.

Enjoy Halloween, but keep it lighthearted . . . after all it is supposed to be simple childish fun.

My recommendation today is that if it really scares you then STOP! Do something different, something positive and lighthearted instead. You will feel much safer, much more secure in yourself. Your unconscious mind will always step in when you are scared, whether it's Halloween fear or other fear ~ your sympathetic nervous system will kick into play, stimulating our natural fight or flight instincts, causing the heart to race, the breathing to become quicker, all that adrenaline firing up so we can get as much oxygen and blood flow to our muscles to run away form the fear as quick as it can.
So if you really want to run away from your sofa during a movie tonight, now you know why. Your body and mind are trying to protect you as it can't work out whether that fear is real or just on T.V. ~ all it knows is what it sees it thinks is real . . . what it hears it thinks is real . . . what it feels (scared) it thinks is real ~ so do yourself a favour and consider letting your body and mind have a peaceful calm night tonight instead!

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