Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Every Pregnant Mum-to-Be can feel like Royalty

Congratulations to Prince William and Kate on the announcement of Kate Middleton's pregnancy ~ what wonderful news and such a special time for them over the coming months that lie ahead.

No doubt, Kate and William will have the ultimate care and attention paid to them, to ensure the wellbeing of Kate and their baby-to-be. The national papers have already been speculating about the in's and out's of what they may or may not consider ~ will they do ante-natal classes together? will she do Pregnancy Yoga? will they opt for the HypnoBirthing route?

What I'd like to float out to all expectant parents and mums-to-be is another approach, which you may or may not have heard about as yet (although it has been around for approx 8 years) ~ and that is the Confident Childbirth programme which is a very personalised approach to hypnosis during Pregnancy and labour. Confident Childbirth practitioners are based in several counties across the country, and as one of them myself I see Confident Childbirth clients in Northamptonshire and in Harley Street, London.
Confident Childbirth is Hypnotherapy for birth ~ tailoring positive Hypnosis techniques to suit the individual needs of each Mum-to-Be, through a caring Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach to Hypnobirthing.

Research shows Hypnosis can help to :~
  • Reduce Fear, Tension and Pain
  • Increase ability to Relax both Mentally and Physically
  • Reduce need for Pain Medication
  • Help Shorten Labour
  • Reduce incidence of Surgical Interventions
  • Promotes higher Apgar 'Baby Wellbeing' score
  • Shortens Hospital Stay
  • Reduced Post-Natal Depression
  • Promotes Lactation
Who is it For?
The Confident Childbirth courses are for those who have already attended an NCT course or other antenatal education class. Partners are most welcome to join you too.

What will I Learn?
During your Confident Childbirth sessions, which are personal and individual to you and your needs, you will be taught a range of very effective tools which include :~
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Pain Management Techniques
Alongside this my clients also receive Free Personalised Hypnosis downloads for them to enjoy listening to and benefitting from throughout their pregnancy, guiding them towards a calmer more confident labour experience. All of which can really help support expectant mums and their partners, to having the best possible birthing experience . . . preparing them well to meet their new born baby.

How Long is the Course?
The Confident Childbirth course is generally over four 1 hour sessions, which can be at whatever stage of your pregnancy suits you best ~ whether taken altogether over a shorter period of time or spread out at different stages of your pregnancy, the choice is always yours. To find out more about how to book these then please contact me via my website www.mindbodywellbeing.co.uk

So whether you are a first time mum (like Kate Middleton) or a mum to many, the Confident Childbirth approach of hypnobirthing is a wonderful way to embrace this special time in your life, and begin to feel positively different. Those special connections made with your baby will help to reassure them too!
We can all feel like we're being treated like 'royalty', with this very personalised and supportive care . . . . because naturally we all think of our babies as being precious ~ just like a prince or princess . . . so why would we not want to give them the best possible entrance into this world?

Harshani Curbishley-Brown
Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Confident Childbirth Practitioner

Looking after You Just Like Royalty!

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