Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Healing Power of Sound

I've always felt that sound has an amazing effect on us all . . . it can change your mood from happy to sad, from grumpy to cheery, from depressed to up-beat . . . and visa-versa. Sound not only can effect mood but also emotions, thoughts and our physical responses to them as well.

When you think about your thoughts/feelings/moods make a conscious note to maybe the sounds around you, whether it's music you're listening to, or talking, or birds song, the sound of rain, or wind or loud industrial noises around you . . . all effect you both energetically and vibrationally.

Sound can be a healer and a harmer. I know which one I'd rather choose to follow . . . healing sounds are so powerful and incredibly re-balancing to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sense of self. My first experience of the positive effects of yogic chanting, was in an Integral Yoga class in Bournemouth, and even though at the time I thought it a bit weird (as most people do), I discovered an energy, a quality afterwards which had such a profound effect on my life ~ that now as an Integral Yoga Teacher I love to chant whenever and wherever I can, because it feels so wonderful.
Shortly after my first steps into mantra chanting I also very gratefully found myself lying down on the grass outside on a yoga retreat being bathed with the healing Gong vibration of a Sound Bath!
Wow, such an amazing experience to enjoy . . . being bathed in sound ~ and I highly recommend it.
Since then I have been fortunate to experience many through my wonderful Yoga friends and their giving of healing Sound Baths . . .

So if this has whetted your taste buds to be curious about Sound Baths and would like to experience one for yourself too then check out this link to our next Yoga Sound Bath Workshop day being held on 14th April in Kettering . . . you never know you might like chanting too!


You never know we might see you there!
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
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